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How do you ‘feel’ about money?!

Here’s a question I bet you’ve never asked yourself: “how does money make me feel?” It’s a tricky one to answer, right?! From my experience, there’s always an emotional attachment to money. No one’s ever truly rational when it comes to spending. In fact, most of our behaviours around spending have a degree of recklessness or exuberance. Ever bought a big-ticket item online on a Friday night after having...

Bad with money
Four Telltale Signs That You Could Be Better With Money

How good are you with managing your money? And don’t worry – it’s not a trick question. The reason I ask is you’d be surprised at how many people make it well into adulthood without learning the basics of good money management. In Australia, we’re talking almost half the adult population, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Meaning, around 45 percent of Australians...

Supercharge your savings
Supercharge your savings over the short term

Who’s up for saving an extra $5K over the next six months? Maybe your credit card’s copped a bit of a caning over the past two months. Maybe you’re saving up to get out of Melbourne for a few weeks come winter and head somewhere warmer. Maybe you’d just like a little extra up your sleeve for a rainy day. Sound good? You in? I have a...

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