07 Jan How do you ‘feel’ about money?!

Here’s a question I bet you’ve never asked yourself: “how does money make me feel?” It’s a tricky one to answer, right?!From my experience, there’s always an emotional attachment to money. No one’s ever truly rational when it comes to spending.In fact, most of our behaviours around spending have a degree of recklessness or exuberance.Ever bought a big-ticket item online on a Friday night after having...

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28 Nov Should I use a financial advisor or do it myself?

This week I’m going to answer what is perhaps the number question people ask when it comes to financial advice. Drum roll, please…Should I use a financial advisor or do it myself? It’s a big one. The million-dollar question, if you will.  Before I get down into the detail of the pros and cons each way, I’d like to preface it by saying that we actually cater...

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05 Nov 7 mistakes families make when building wealth

Wealth is all about building up your asset base.  This is something that I’d argue is vitally important for families, in particular. It’s not just about owning your own home (preferably your ‘dream home’). It’s about building your asset base to a point where you can start generating passive income to fund sending your kids to the right school and funding your family’s lifestyle well into retirement.  If...

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15 Oct Don’t have a will? Here’s what you need to know

 This week I want to touch on something I haven’t covered in previous blogs. Nearly half of adult Australians don’t have a will. That’s a lot. If you don’t have a will, that’s certainly no criticism, but more to say that you’re not alone. To be fair, it’s not something that’s really top of mind for your average Joe. And fair enough – no one likes to...

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11 Oct Pay less tax. Here’s how!

No one likes paying tax. Let’s face it. Actually, I’ll qualify that by saying ‘too’ much tax.  There’s the often bandied about reason for the rich getting richer.To that I’d argue that anyone with a bit of wealth-driven nous is using the laws of the day – legal tax breaks, tax structure et al – to get their taxable income down and use potential return...

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Kids bank accounts

01 Oct Setting up a kids’ bank account

  Have young kids? Well, now’s the time to introduce them to the concept of saving, and there’s no better way to do that than opening up a bank account for them.  As parents, we play a critical role in educating our kids around money and, within that, establishing positive habits around spending and, more importantly, saving. To this end, if you’re good with money, chances are,...

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17 Sep Demystifying debt – bad vs good!

The word ‘debt’ cops a bad wrap, in my opinion.  Mention debt, and our minds tend to jump to the negative connotations of the word. And rightfully so. ‘Bad’ debt is exactly that – not great. Meaning, any debt that’s not going to make you money over the medium to long term (aka building your wealth) is something you want to avoid like the plague.Well, as much...

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trade war

02 Sep The US & China Trade War: What you need to know

Trade wars aren’t new. They’ve been played out throughout the annals of time.  So why is the US-China Trade War, which seems to escalate with every passing week, any different? Well, that’s a tricky one to answer. The short answer is the global economy’s been on pretty shaky ground since the Global Financial Crisis.Meaning the world’s two largest superpowers rattling their sabres is shaking what are...

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21 Aug How to get out of debt, pronto

Being in debt ain’t fun.  Particularly if it’s credit card debt and the compound nature of interest (in reverse!) means you can see no end in sight in terms of paying it down. I met someone recently who has racked up close to $30K between two credit cards over the past 18 months.She also has close to $3K on Afterpay. Both cards, I’m guessing, would be...

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