Passive income planning for working families

Not having enough money to pay for everything is the Achilles heel of life. If you’re worried how you’re going to maintain your lifestyle as you edge closer to retirement, the stats say that most of us will run out of money 10 years before we die. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If any of the following are keeping you awake at night, you need a passive income…

  • Your super’s not in a great place right now
  • Worried you’ll run out of money in retirement
  • Afraid you’ll have to work rather than kick back and relax
  • Concerned you’ll have to sell your house to fund retirement
  • Or worried you won’t be mortgage-free when you retire
  • No back-up plan if you happen to fall seriously ill

How passive income planning can help you…

  • Work out what your future lifestyle looks like and what it will cost
  • Give you a plan to restructure your assets to give you the right level of income in retirement
  • Ensure your money’s always working for you and for as long as you need it to
  • Help you pay your home off sooner, as well as pay for holidays and other lifestyle goodies
  • Help you navigate all the ever-changing investment regulations
  • Regular check-ins to help keep you on track and on top of everything
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