Emergency savings fund planning for working families

If you don’t have an emergency fund or income-protection insurance, the thought of getting injured or falling ill for an extended period when you have a family is enough to keep you up at night. If any of the following are you, sounds like you could do with a rainy day plan…

  • Don’t have savings set aside for emergencies
  • No income fallback if something happens to you
  • No financial fallbacks within your wider family
  • Couldn’t maintain your family’s lifestyle if you can’t work

Here’s how our game plan can help you…

  • Work out your risks and advise on strategies for mitigating these
  • Create a risk plan that can be easily implemented and tracked
  • Determine whether you should buy insurance or self insure
  • Allow you to fine tune your plan when your life changes
  • Ensure your family can maintain your current lifestyle in the event that something unfortunate happens
  • Regular check-ins to help keep you on track and on top of everything
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Through our market-leading system, we’ve been helping families maximise their wealth and get the right balance between money and life for more than 10 years.

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