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trade war
The US & China Trade War: What you need to know

Trade wars aren’t new. They’ve been played out throughout the annals of time.  So why is the US-China Trade War, which seems to escalate with every passing week, any different? Well, that’s a tricky one to answer. The short answer is the global economy’s been on pretty shaky ground since the Global Financial Crisis.Meaning the world’s two largest superpowers rattling their sabres is shaking what are...

Retiring a millionaire isn’t quite what it used to be

Growing up, a million dollars seemed like a stupendous amount of money. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the thought of winning Lotto conjured up thoughts of like ‘buying a Porsche and never having to work again’.Fast forward to my late-thirties and, all of a sudden, retiring a millionaire isn’t quite what it used to be. Worse still, by the time I hit retirement age in 20-odd years...

inequality that is women’s superannuation orange wealth
Tackling the inequality that is women’s superannuation

The superannuation system is stacked against women. So much so that, once you start to do the maths right through to retirement, it’s a bit of a worrying proposition. And I’m speaking from experience. This is the inequality that is women’s superannuation: My wife and I had our first child when she was 35. Like most families, she took a year’s maternity leave before returning to work, part time. Then,...

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