08 May Retiring a millionaire isn’t quite what it used to be

Growing up, a million dollars seemed like a stupendous amount of money. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the thought of winning Lotto conjured up thoughts of like ‘buying a Porsche and never having to work again’. Fast forward to my late-thirties and, all of a sudden, retiring a millionaire isn’t quite what it used to be. Worse still, by the time I hit retirement age in 20-odd years...

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winter barbeque How to save $100s on your energy bill orange wealth

10 Apr How to save $100s on your energy bill this winter!

Energy supply has been front-page news over recent months. And rightly so – the cost of utilities is starting to hit the point of being ludicrous. In fact, it’s an upwards trajectory that seems to have been running rampant for the past 10 years or so. Here in Victoria, electricity alone is tipped to increase by a startling $300 over the next 12 months, off the back of...

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Why you need an emergency fund orange wealth

24 Mar Why you need an emergency fund

In life, rainy days are bound to happen. Unexpected bills, mechanical dramas with the car – you name it – they’re inevitable. Often, they can feel like a bit of a financial sucker punch. If you haven’t got one, consider setting up an emergency fund. Make sure it’s separate to your primary savings. It should solely be for unplanned expenses, not planned ones. Car rego, for example, wouldn’t fall into the...

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13 Mar The 10 percent savings challenge. Who’s in?!

Off the back of my new year’s resolutions, I’ve set myself a challenge for this year (and a considerable one at that): to cut my spending by 10 percent. It’s a biggy, I know. Now, here’s why. Last year, my spending on items over $200 made up 65 percent of my total household expenses, with purchases over $500 hitting the 30 percent mark. Long story short,...

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Money apps I can’t live without

28 Feb Money apps I can’t live without

Ah, yes, technology. Where would we be without it? I can’t see it ever truly replacing real-life ‘human’ financial advice, but, in saying that, staying on top of your finances has never been easier. In fact, apps and the like are a great way of weeding out unnecessary spending and bad financial habits. For me, technology has a time and a place. While I try to ensure I’m not fixated...

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4 things you must know about life insurance orange wealth

15 Feb 4 things you must know about life insurance

Insurance. We all need it in one form or another, whether that’s for the house, the car, or the family dog. Often, it’s a case of protecting our hard-earned assets and, like in the case of pets, minimising the blowout of (vet) bills. Add health insurance for the family to the bill, and it starts to get expensive. Interestingly, though, there’s one form of insurance that many people typically...

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five key considerations for New Years resolutions orange wealth

23 Jan Five key considerations for New Years resolutions

Between family, work and everything else in between, life gets away from you. Time in particular. Last year was a big one for me – both on a personal and business level. My wife and I had our second daughter, and there were a few big milestones that we hit at different points across 2016 with Orange Wealth. Suffice to say that, by Christmas and the subsequent break, it was...

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Help your bank balance survive Christmas orange wealth

30 Nov Help your bank balance survive Christmas

It’s such a clichéd thing to say, I know, but I can’t believe Christmas is less than three weeks away. Three. Crazy, right?! Suffice to say it’s a busy time of year, albeit an expensive one. Here’s something to consider: Did you know Australians spend in excess of $19 billion each Christmas? It's insane when you think about it. And that’s not just on presents – we’re talking entertaining, parties, celebrations, travel...

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Date night ideas for new parents

21 Nov Date night ideas for new parents

Ah, yes, date nights. If you’re a parent, chances are these have become a bygone conclusion. In fact, it’s often hard to reconcile just how much time you had on your hands, pre kids. Whether that was being able to shoot off anywhere at the drop of a hat, or, more importantly, spending quality time with your partner. Nowadays, even catching up with friends for a coffee on...

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