inequality that is women’s superannuation orange wealth

24 Oct Tackling the inequality that is women’s superannuation

The superannuation system is stacked against women. So much so that, once you start to do the maths right through to retirement, it’s a bit of a worrying proposition. And I’m speaking from experience. This is the inequality that is women’s superannuation: My wife and I had our first child when she was 35. Like most families, she took a year’s maternity leave before returning to work, part time. Then,...

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Can money really buy happiness orange wealth

22 Aug Can money really buy happiness?

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we just had a little bit more money? I’m sure it’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves now and again. It’s easy to fall into the cycle of thinking that "if only we could get that better-paying job" or "get that pay rise" we’d been angling for, then we’d definitely be happier. We then think that with all...

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buying my dream family home orange wealth

05 Aug Buying my dream family home 5 years before I needed it saved me $275,000

When I think about my family home, the saying, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” comes to mind. The purchase of our family home is hands down, the best financial decision I’ve ever made - but in today’s housing market, it’s not easy. As a kid, I remember running around my family house with my brother and sister and those memories...

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family benefits for your newborn orange wealth

25 Jul A parent’s guide to family benefits for your newborn

Clichés usually exist for a reason and that’s because more often than not, they’re true. And the adage that nothing can prepare you for what having a baby is really like is absolutely true. Newborns are notoriously unpredictable and much of your early days as parents will be a frantic blur of feedings, interrupted sleep, constant doctor visits and all manner of baby poo. With...

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financial goals for young families orange wealth

12 Jul The top 7 financial goals for young families and how to set your own

Have you even seen one of those plate spinners on TV? It’s usually someone standing there furiously spinning a series of plates as each one hangs precariously on a stick, working on such a momentum as to not all come falling down. Well, sometimes life looks a bit like that. We’re all so busy trying to keep afloat while dealing with everyday stuff like work,...

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