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The stock market crashes. What do you do?

If you’re invested in the stock market and have had your ear to the ground, you’ve no doubt heard rumblings from Wall Street and major news outlets of the potential for an economic downturn. You keep hearing things like “the property market’s down another 20 percent”, “the global equities market’s bull run’s over”, “the United States’ trade war with China’s going to rip the carpet out...

Cost of fitness
The cost of keeping fit and staying healthy

    I have a serious case of the guilts at the moment. Christmas was a big one – I reckon I ate three times my own body weight. So I’m on an exercise-filled mission at the moment. I’m desperate to get some fitness back.   Before I beat myself up too much, though, I’m not alone. There’s a reason why gym memberships spike in the first couple...

Eating Healthy
Why healthy eating trumps convenience

Life gets busy, right? So much so, good diet and healthy eating habits often quickly go out the window. Throw two kids, a busy family life and business into the equation and it gets even harder. Consistently eating well’s a precarious balancing act. I’ll be the first to put my hand up to say that I overdid it over Christmas. Too many rich foods, the...

The risk of not diversifying
New to investing? Get smart and diversify

Life’s full of risks. That’s a given. Some you can mitigate against, some you can’t.   When it comes to investing, one of the critical ways of minimising risk is diversification. It can save you a lot of stress, particularly if you’re prone to money worries keeping you awake at night. In fact, I’d argue that a diversified portfolio should play a vital role within any long-term...

Unhappy with Investment Fees
Why fees can seriously cramp your investment style

You rarely get a free ride in life. Same goes for investments – every one you make will have some kind of fee attached.   Left to run amok, fees can seriously suck the life out of your investment portfolio. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve met with active portfolios who’re losing significant amounts of cash at the hands of rampant fees. They really...

Investing Compound Interest
The power of compounding returns

This week, I want to talk you through compounding interest, often referred to as ‘compound earnings’. Albert Einstein called it one of the ‘greatest mathematical discoveries of all time’. Many in the financial world refer to it as ‘a force of nature’ – a secret sauce, if you will. Whichever way you look at it, compounding returns have played a critical role in helping the rich...

The beginner's guide to the sharemarket Orange Wealth
The beginner’s guide to the sharemarket

For a novice, the sharemarket can be like landing in Shanghai and not being able to speak Mandarin. As with any language, though, start learning the foundations, and all of a sudden things start to fall into place.   Ultimately, the sharemarket can be as complex as you want to make it. It really depends on what your financial goals are and whether you want to learn...

five key considerations for New Years resolutions orange wealth
Five key considerations for New Years resolutions

Between family, work and everything else in between, life gets away from you. Time in particular. Last year was a big one for me – both on a personal and business level. My wife and I had our second daughter, and there were a few big milestones that we hit at different points across 2016 with Orange Wealth. Suffice to say that, by Christmas and the subsequent break, it was...

Help your bank balance survive Christmas orange wealth
Help your bank balance survive Christmas

It’s such a clichéd thing to say, I know, but I can’t believe Christmas is less than three weeks away. Three. Crazy, right?! Suffice to say it’s a busy time of year, albeit an expensive one. Here’s something to consider: Did you know Australians spend in excess of $19 billion each Christmas? It's insane when you think about it. And that’s not just on presents – we’re talking entertaining, parties, celebrations, travel...

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