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implications of not having enough in retirement orange wealth
The implications of not having enough in retirement

How many people have you heard talk about travelling the world in retirement? And how many people past retirement age do you know who are still working part-time? Or forced to reach out to family and friends for help? Depending on whether you’ve already started to get the jump on retirement, not saving enough for your post-working-life dream can have dire consequences. When you break it down, ‘retirement’ effectively...

Achieving a work-life balance orange wealth
Achieving a work-life balance: can you have your cake an eat it too?

Having it all is a subjective thing. Everyone measures success in different ways, and through their own filter of what it actually means. Same goes for work-life balance. In fact, I’d argue that, for society’s high achievers, the notion of work-life balance falls by the wayside in pursuit of the upper echelons of success. If I’m completely honest in asking the question, can you really have it all? I’d say...

Retiring a millionaire isn’t quite what it used to be

Growing up, a million dollars seemed like a stupendous amount of money. Back in the ’80s and ’90s, the thought of winning Lotto conjured up thoughts of like ‘buying a Porsche and never having to work again’. Fast forward to my late-thirties and, all of a sudden, retiring a millionaire isn’t quite what it used to be. Worse still, by the time I hit retirement age in 20-odd years...

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