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Money apps I can’t live without
Money apps I can’t live without

Ah, yes, technology. Where would we be without it? I can’t see it ever truly replacing real-life ‘human’ financial advice, but, in saying that, staying on top of your finances has never been easier. In fact, apps and the like are a great way of weeding out unnecessary spending and bad financial habits.For me, technology has a time and a place. While I try to ensure I’m not fixated...

Financial Coaching coach for your health and financial fitness orange wealth
7 reasons you should employ a coach for your health and financial fitness

A few years ago I was feeling tired and unfit. My exercise regime was non-existent and my diet was getting progressively worse. One day I decided to go for a run.Wow, what an eye opener, I could hardly run 1km and I was panting and wheezing.I needed help.I decided to give a personal trainer a go, but I didn’t know how to...

Can money really buy happiness orange wealth
Can money really buy happiness?

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we just had a little bit more money? I’m sure it’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves now and again.It’s easy to fall into the cycle of thinking that "if only we could get that better-paying job" or "get that pay rise" we’d been angling for, then we’d definitely be happier.We then think that with all...

buying my dream family home orange wealth
Buying my dream family home 5 years before I needed it saved me $275,000

When I think about my family home, the saying, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” comes to mind. The purchase of our family home is hands down, the best financial decision I’ve ever made - but in today’s housing market, it’s not easy. As a kid, I remember running around my family house with my brother and sister and those memories...

luxury family holiday for under $2k
How I took my family on a luxury family holiday for under $2k

Going on holidays was something my wife and I have always enjoyed. Especially when it comes to beach locations like Thailand, Bali or Hawaii where we can get away from it all. We were determined not to give up on that after the birth of our daughter two years ago!While we knew that family holidays wouldn’t be the same as when we travelled just the...

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