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Why you need an emergency fund orange wealth
Why you need an emergency fund

In life, rainy days are bound to happen. Unexpected bills, mechanical dramas with the car – you name it – they’re inevitable. Often, they can feel like a bit of a financial sucker punch. If you haven’t got one, consider setting up an emergency fund. Make sure it’s separate to your primary savings. It should solely be for unplanned expenses, not planned ones. Car rego, for example, wouldn’t fall into the...

4 things you must know about life insurance orange wealth
4 things you must know about life insurance

Insurance. We all need it in one form or another, whether that’s for the house, the car, or the family dog. Often, it’s a case of protecting our hard-earned assets and, like in the case of pets, minimising the blowout of (vet) bills. Add health insurance for the family to the bill, and it starts to get expensive. Interestingly, though, there’s one form of insurance that many people typically...

financial goals for young families orange wealth
The top 7 financial goals for young families and how to set your own

Have you even seen one of those plate spinners on TV? It’s usually someone standing there furiously spinning a series of plates as each one hangs precariously on a stick, working on such a momentum as to not all come falling down. Well, sometimes life looks a bit like that. We’re all so busy trying to keep afloat while dealing with everyday stuff like work,...

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