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How do you ‘feel’ about money?!

Here’s a question I bet you’ve never asked yourself: “how does money make me feel?” It’s a tricky one to answer, right?! From my experience, there’s always an emotional attachment to money. No one’s ever truly rational when it comes to spending. In fact, most of our behaviours around spending have a degree of recklessness or exuberance. Ever bought a big-ticket item online on a Friday night after having...

five key considerations for New Years resolutions orange wealth
Five key considerations for New Years resolutions

Between family, work and everything else in between, life gets away from you. Time in particular. Last year was a big one for me – both on a personal and business level. My wife and I had our second daughter, and there were a few big milestones that we hit at different points across 2016 with Orange Wealth. Suffice to say that, by Christmas and the subsequent break, it was...

financial goals for young families orange wealth
The top 7 financial goals for young families and how to set your own

Have you even seen one of those plate spinners on TV? It’s usually someone standing there furiously spinning a series of plates as each one hangs precariously on a stick, working on such a momentum as to not all come falling down. Well, sometimes life looks a bit like that. We’re all so busy trying to keep afloat while dealing with everyday stuff like work,...

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