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implications of not having enough in retirement orange wealth
The implications of not having enough in retirement

How many people have you heard talk about travelling the world in retirement? And how many people past retirement age do you know who are still working part-time? Or forced to reach out to family and friends for help? Depending on whether you’ve already started to get the jump on retirement, not saving enough for your post-working-life dream can have dire consequences. When you break it down, ‘retirement’ effectively...

lessons I’ve learnt from being a dad orange wealth michael chew
The four lessons I’ve learnt from being a dad

Being a dad. Where do you even begin? It’s a mix of being the most amazing experience and the most challenging at the same time. In fact, it’s difficult to put it all into words, actually. Parenthood’s something that you don’t fully appreciate until you experience it. The joys, the trials, the tribulations, the challenges – things you can experience together all in the space of half-an-hour. As clichéd as it sounds,...

Date night ideas for new parents
Date night ideas for new parents

Ah, yes, date nights. If you’re a parent, chances are these have become a bygone conclusion. In fact, it’s often hard to reconcile just how much time you had on your hands, pre kids. Whether that was being able to shoot off anywhere at the drop of a hat, or, more importantly, spending quality time with your partner. Nowadays, even catching up with friends for a coffee on...

Private or public education orange wealth
Private or public education? The age-old question

Private or public education? Deciding where to send your kids to school is a tough one. If you have a young family and want to send them to a private school, you’d be forgiven for losing the odd night’s sleep. To be honest, my wife and I are on the fence. I went to a co-ed public school; my wife, a Catholic girls' school. Like any parent, we want...

family benefits for your newborn orange wealth
A parent’s guide to family benefits for your newborn

Clichés usually exist for a reason and that’s because more often than not, they’re true. And the adage that nothing can prepare you for what having a baby is really like is absolutely true. Newborns are notoriously unpredictable and much of your early days as parents will be a frantic blur of feedings, interrupted sleep, constant doctor visits and all manner of baby poo. With...

luxury family holiday for under $2k
How I took my family on a luxury family holiday for under $2k

Going on holidays was something my wife and I have always enjoyed. Especially when it comes to beach locations like Thailand, Bali or Hawaii where we can get away from it all. We were determined not to give up on that after the birth of our daughter two years ago! While we knew that family holidays wouldn’t be the same as when we travelled just the...

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