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How I changed my career and started a business orange wealth
How I changed my career and started a business

Like most, I came out of uni all guns blazing, wanting to do something with my life. Looking back at the first 10 years of my career, everything was going great. In fact, I loved it. Post graduation, I worked with IBM, then headed to the UK before returning to Melbourne to deliver business and software solutions for a raft of blue-chip corporates. Life was good.But then something happened...

Achieving a work-life balance orange wealth
Achieving a work-life balance: can you have your cake an eat it too?

Having it all is a subjective thing. Everyone measures success in different ways, and through their own filter of what it actually means.Same goes for work-life balance. In fact, I’d argue that, for society’s high achievers, the notion of work-life balance falls by the wayside in pursuit of the upper echelons of success.If I’m completely honest in asking the question, can you really have it all? I’d say...