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implications of not having enough in retirement orange wealth
The implications of not having enough in retirement

How many people have you heard talk about travelling the world in retirement? And how many people past retirement age do you know who are still working part-time? Or forced to reach out to family and friends for help? Depending on whether you’ve already started to get the jump on retirement, not saving enough for your post-working-life dream can have dire consequences. When you break it down, ‘retirement’ effectively...

regular holidays orange wealth
Regular holidays: why you shouldn’t skimp on your leave

When was the last time you took a holiday? And I’m not just talking about a long weekend out of town. I mean an actual holiday? If you’re perpetually flat out with work and, say, family, it’s hard, I know. It’s easy to fall into the trap of putting work before yourself. If you run your own business, it becomes even more difficult. Often, you can convince yourself that...

Cryptocurrency: what is it orange wealth
Cryptocurrency: what is it and should I be investing in it?

We’ve had a few clients asking us about cryptocurrencies, or ‘digital currencies’, recently and whether they should be part of their investment strategy. While it’s not something I’m personally investing in, it’s certainly a space I’m keeping an eye on. More out of interest than anything. For the uninitiated, there’s a lot to get your head around. In fact, there are three key concepts you need to have...

How good is your credit rating orange wealth
How good is your credit rating?

To say your credit rating’s important is an understatement. Interestingly, though, the majority of Australians have no idea what their credit score is. If you happen to be in the ‘no idea’ camp, you’re not alone – you’re one of the 90 percent of people who don’t know what their credit rating is, according to Australia’s credit-reporting agencies. Now, your credit rating isn’t something that’s typically top of...

lessons I’ve learnt from being a dad orange wealth michael chew
The four lessons I’ve learnt from being a dad

Being a dad. Where do you even begin? It’s a mix of being the most amazing experience and the most challenging at the same time. In fact, it’s difficult to put it all into words, actually. Parenthood’s something that you don’t fully appreciate until you experience it. The joys, the trials, the tribulations, the challenges – things you can experience together all in the space of half-an-hour. As clichéd as it sounds,...

Why you shouldn’t blow your tax return orange wealth
Why you shouldn’t blow your tax return

It’s that time of year. If you’re like me, chances are you’ve done your tax return by now and are waiting on a potential return. Going by the stats, you’re likely one of the 82 percent of Australians who’ll get a refund this year. On average, Australians typically get a return of around $2,112, give or take. Now, it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing your tax...

How I changed my career and started a business orange wealth
How I changed my career and started a business

Like most, I came out of uni all guns blazing, wanting to do something with my life. Looking back at the first 10 years of my career, everything was going great. In fact, I loved it. Post graduation, I worked with IBM, then headed to the UK before returning to Melbourne to deliver business and software solutions for a raft of blue-chip corporates. Life was good. But then something happened...

How to use debt orange wealth
How to use debt | Why it’s not all bad

Debt. It’s an often misunderstood term. For your average Australian, it’s typically perceived as a dirty word, conjuring up a degree of anxiety in the process. When it comes to the D-word, Australia is one of the most leveraged countries in the world. With average household debt sitting at around 189 per cent of annual household income, it’s a bit of a worry. A lot of that has been spurred...

Achieving a work-life balance orange wealth
Achieving a work-life balance: can you have your cake an eat it too?

Having it all is a subjective thing. Everyone measures success in different ways, and through their own filter of what it actually means. Same goes for work-life balance. In fact, I’d argue that, for society’s high achievers, the notion of work-life balance falls by the wayside in pursuit of the upper echelons of success. If I’m completely honest in asking the question, can you really have it all? I’d say...

five ways you can bolster your tax return orange wealth
Five ways you can bolster your tax return before June 30

Mention the word tax, and it typically draws a grumble from most people, even a sense of grievance. And fair enough. Most Australians feel like they pay too much tax, generally speaking, and often don’t have a whole lot in the way of expenses they can claim to help bring their taxable income down. I’m all for paying my fair share of tax. That’s a given. But, with a young...

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